In 3D plot, how is the image displayed on a specific 3D spatial plane?

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I am trying to display my image on a certain plane in 3D plot space, for example by displaying one of matlab's own images "peppers.png" to a fixed position, during which I try to display the image using image or imshow build in function+view(3), but the default image position is (0, 0,0), By looking at the image function properties documentation, I only see the x,y position setting property, but not the z axis,I can't change its Z position, what should I do?
your answer would be like greatly apperaciate!
srcImg = imread("peppers.png");
figure;hold on;view(3)
% hAxis = gca;
% hAxis.XRuler.FirstCrossoverValue = 0; % X crossover with Y axis
% hAxis.XRuler.SecondCrossoverValue = 0; % X crossover with Z axis
% hAxis.YRuler.FirstCrossoverValue = 0; % Y crossover with X axis
% hAxis.YRuler.SecondCrossoverValue = 0; % Y crossover with Z axis
% hAxis.ZRuler.FirstCrossoverValue = 0; % Z crossover with X axis
% hAxis.ZRuler.SecondCrossoverValue = 0; % Z crossover with Y axis

Accepted Answer

Chunru on 26 Aug 2022
srcImg = imread("peppers.png");
sz = size(srcImg);
[xx, yy] =meshgrid(1:sz(1), 1:sz(2));
zz = ones(size(xx)); % set the z value
figure;hold on;view(3)
warp(xx, yy, zz, srcImg)

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KSSV on 26 Aug 2022


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