MATLAB could not access ( and set) startup directory when executed within WSL

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I have MATLAB installed on Windows 10. And I am trying to exceute a script from WSL by passing the startup folder as - '/mnt/c/Users/Nutzer/Downloads'.
I am getting below error msg -
xxxx@DESKTOP:/mnt/c/Windows/system32$ matlab -sd /mnt/c/Users/Nutzer/Downloads -batch file_name
Warning: "/mnt/c/Users/Nutzer/Downloads" selected using the -sd startup option could not be accessed.
Using "C:\Windows\system32" as the initial working folder instead.
Unrecognized function or variable 'file_name'.
ERROR: MATLAB error Exit Status: 0x00000001
How can I access this folder?

Accepted Answer

Atin on 26 Aug 2022
It worked after entering the path as "C:\Users\Nutzer\Downloads".

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