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Is it possible to get an email notification when a new question is raised?

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I only get email notifications when getting an answere. I didn't find a check box in my profile to allow this. Is it possible to get an email notification when a new question is raised? If I can't help to solve a problem, in many cases I get helpful hints.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Aug 2022
At the top of the list at you will see a link "Subscribe to this view" that leads to . That link generates the information needed to subscribe to an RSS feed
I think maybe that would give you an update every time anyone posted an answer or comment as well, so not exactly what you are asking for.
However, I have to ask whether you are sure you would want notice of every new Question? MATLAB Answers is currently getting about 107 new Questions every day, and during peak time (end of March) gets over 200 new Questions every day.

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Jan on 15 Aug 2022
Edited: Jan on 15 Aug 2022
About 1000 to 3000 Questions are posted in this forum per month. Do you really want to get this pile of mails?
Many questions get clear only after some questions for clarifications have been answered by the original posters. Therefore the display of the updated threads in the forum is more useful than a list of new questions.
There is a switch in the setup of your communication preferences: :
New questions, discussions or files are created or added to a communities you have followed
This should work, but I do not dare to try it.


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