How to retrieve the specific rows with all the columns in the dataset?

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Hi everyone,
I have dataset which has 2832 rows and 4 columns. In this specific dataset I want to retrieve two rows, for example in the image provided for time instant 1.5 I want to get the two values of number of packets for both cachehits and cachemisses and further to the retrieved values I want to implement the formula of Hitratio = (Cachehits)/(CacheHits+CacheMisses) *100 and get the value of hit ratio.

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KSSV on 10 Aug 2022
I hope the dataset is in the form of a table. So your table is going to be of size 2832x4.
idx = T.Time==1.5 ;
T1 = T(idx,:) ;
You can access your required from T1.
KSSV on 10 Aug 2022
Read about table. If you want to access the first column, either you can use T.Time or T.(1). 1 stands for first column.

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