How to plote the stress for each element in the mesh with a color map.

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Hello, I have one code in matlab thats calculates the stress values in each element​​(stressxx, stressyy and stressxy , for each column respectively). I want to plot a stress field in the mesh for each element. Does anyone know how to do this? I have one mesh with 296 elements and 161 nodes. I tried to use the function pcolor but i can't use the reshape in this problem.
dpb on 4 Aug 2022
Edited: dpb on 4 Aug 2022
Don't attach that much text in line; it's too much for the forum interface to handle. Attach it as a text file (user the paperclip icon) instead...I'll not delete this yet, but will in the AM (or when next get back; have other commitments tomorrow that may/probably will prevent me from looking in.
Don't know that that really helps much in MATLAB or not; would have to know first of all what am looking at besides just numbers.
I'm sure there's probably a way but I've not investigated FEM modeling via MATLAB; not sure what tools exist w/o looking...

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KSSV on 4 Aug 2022

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