How do i calculate the Average of each Pixel in Origenal Image to the Average of Class to Classify each class in the Image?

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I hope somebody can help me.
I have calculated the Average of ROI but i need to know, How can i calculate the Average between each Pixel of (orph) Image and the Average that i already Calculated? to be able to Classify the Pixels for each Class.
The code written below
% CleanUp
close all;
%Read Photo RGB and DSM
orph = imread('BE_ORTHO_27032011_315145_56865.tif');
figure, imshow (orph,[]);
%Define Region of interest
roi_Building = drawpolygon('Color','r');
roi_street = drawline('Color','y');
roi_tree = drawfreehand('Color','g');
roi_car = drawpolygon('Color','b');
%Seperate channels RGB
op_red = orph(:,:,1); % Red channel
op_green = orph(:,:,2); % Green channel
op_blue = orph(:,:,3); % Blue channel
%Value of pixels in all layers
[r, c, ~] = size(orph);
mask_building = createMask(roi_Building, r, c);
mask_street = createMask(roi_street, r, c);
mask_tree = createMask(roi_tree, r, c);
mask_Car = createMask(roi_car, r, c);
building_pixels = [op_red(mask_building), op_green(mask_building), op_blue(mask_building)];
street_pixels = [op_red(mask_street), op_green(mask_street), op_blue(mask_street)];
tree_pixels = [op_red(mask_tree), op_green(mask_tree), op_blue(mask_tree)];
building_Car = [op_red(mask_Car), op_green(mask_Car), op_blue(mask_Car)];
[r, c, p] = size(orph); %Row, Column and layers (size of Image)
mask3_building = repmat(createMask(roi_Building, r, c), [1, 1, 3]); %Repeat copies of array
masked_building = zeros(r, c, p, 'like', orph);
masked_building(mask3_building) = orph(mask3_building);
mask3_street = repmat(createMask(roi_street, r, c), [1, 1, 3]);
masked_street = zeros(r, c, p, 'like', orph);
masked_street(mask3_street) = orph(mask3_street);
mask3_tree = repmat(createMask(roi_tree, r, c), [1, 1, 3]);
masked_tree = zeros(r, c, p, 'like', orph);
masked_tree(mask3_tree) = orph(mask3_tree);
mask3_car = repmat(createMask(roi_car, r, c), [1, 1, 3]);
masked_car = zeros(r, c, p, 'like', orph);
masked_car(mask3_car) = orph(mask3_car);
%Arithmetic average for each Class
AVG_Building = mean(masked_building);
AVG_Street = mean(masked_street);
AVG_Tree = mean(masked_tree);
AVG_Car = mean(masked_car);
%Average between every Pixel in Picture to average for each Class ??????!!!!!
for i= 1: 10000 :length (i)
for j = 1: 10000: length (j)
AVG_i= mean(i/AVG_Building);
AVG_j= mean(j/AVG_Building);

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Jul 2022
See my attached demo. It lets you draw an outline around each color class you want, and then it assigns a class number to each pixel in the image based on your training regions and a discriminant classifier. That sounds like what you want to do.

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