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Code Generation for Prediction of Machine Learning Model

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I have auto-generated C++ code using Matlab Coder for a machine learning model, that has a 1x27 double as input. Is there anyway to change the way some of the C++ is generated? Specifically, is there any way to #define the number of inputs (27 in this case) and just use the definition inside the auto-generated code (as opposed to the way 27 is being referenced multiple times, since it is breaking my API)?
Any help would be appreciated!
static void main_prediction_mdl()
real_T dv[27];
real_T prediction_mdl;
// Initialize function 'prediction_mdl' input arguments.
// Initialize function input argument 'X'.
// Call the entry-point 'prediction_mdl'.
prediction_mdl = prediction_mdl(dv);

Accepted Answer

Fred Smith
Fred Smith on 24 Aug 2022
Hi Inna,
If you make the input to the network variable-sized that will produce generic code. You can use coder.varsize to make a fixed-size input variable-sized.
In general there is no support for producing fixed-size code whose size is parametrized by a #define in MATLAB Coder today.

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