Geobubble with specifing radius and discretize

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I have this script to get a Geobubble, but I have two problems. I would like to get bubbles with specifing radius, on the base of count (see sequence if)...And the second problem is discretize, I recived one error. How can I do?
lat = coordinate.latitudine; %latitude
lon = coordinate.longitudine; %longitude
count = coordinate.count; %count
%if count is less of 5 the radius of bubbles have to be of 5 etc
if count < 5
elseif count < 15
elseif count < 257
gb.SourceTable.Severity = discretize(coordinate.count,[0 10 50 500],...
'categorical', {'Low', 'Medium', 'High'});
gb.ColorVariable = 'Severity';
%in this section I have this error: Error using
%Setting the 'SourceTable' property after setting the 'LatitudeData' property is not supported.
The I put these properties
gb.BubbleColorList = winter(3);
gb.Basemap = 'grayterrain'
gb.BubbleColorList = winter(3);
gb.BubbleWidthRange=[5 20]

Answers (1)

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 21 Jul 2022
The sizedata argument in geobubble determines the relative sizes of the bubbles. If you want to specify the absolute size of the bubbles, I recommend using geoscatter instead. The 3rd argument in geoscatter specifiies the area of the scatter points which you can compute from you desired radii values.
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 21 Jul 2022
I see. So, you didn't want to specify the radii. Instead, this specifies the relative sizes of the bubbles.
Glad you worked it out!

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