How to apply curve fitter for a table ?

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Hi All,
I want to apply curve fitting to a table each collum in table is a variable.
Now I need to do it manually by each collum in table then export data to workspace.
Is there any way to apply curve fitting for a whole table ? no need to do it manually 1 by 1
I use Exponential equation f(x) = a*exp(b*x) for fitting
I attached my table as table.mat
This is my code after I finish curver fitting manually and export results to worksapce
load table.mat
total = [a b c]

Accepted Answer

Rishita on 15 Jul 2022
Load some data at the MATLAB® command line.load hahn1
Open the Curve Fitter app.curveFitter
In the Curve Fitter app, on the Curve Fitter tab, in the Data section, click Select Data. In the Select Fitting Data dialog box, select temp as the X Data value and thermex as the Y Data value.The Curve Fitter app creates a default polynomial fit to the data.
Choose a different model type from the fit gallery in the Fit Type section of the Curve Fitter tab.
In the Fit Options pane, try different fit options for your chosen model type.
In the Export section, click Export and select Generate Code.The Curve Fitter app creates a file in the Editor containing MATLAB code to recreate the currently selected fit and its opened plots in your interactive session.
For more information about fitting curves in the Curve Fitter app, see Interactive Curve and Surface Fitting.

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