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How to reorder the List box items in created dialogue window?

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I have create two apps. 1.GUI
2. Listboxedit
From GUI button click, it will open a new window with the Listbox data( it will open 2nd app ListBox edit). Till now Its working good.
For your reference I have enclosed the ListBox edit. kindly suggest a way for this?

Accepted Answer

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 5 Jul 2022
Attached code for a listbox with move up button callback.
If this is what you need, you may also implement the move down button callbcak in a similar way.
Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 6 Jul 2022
When you allow user to do multiple select on the Listbox, there are numerous combination and you have to decide what will be your expected outcome.
Attached are the codes for multiple selection off only.
Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 7 Jul 2022
If you would like to use the codes given to you as a reference. You need to set ItemsData as the following when you define the uilistbox.
lbox = uilistbox(uif,'Position',[125 50 150 300],...
'Items', compose('SAS Program %d',1:7),'ItemsData',1:7,'Multiselect','off');

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