How to put a condition for equations in the computation

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I have attached a data 'al' varies from say 0.05 to 0.32.
I want calculate d from al, but there are two equations for the d based on al values, like
if al>0.15 then, d = 38.18.*(1-3.39.*p+1.95.*al.^2); (eq 1)
if al>0.15 then d = 33.18.*(1-2.39.*p+1.05.*al.^2); (eq 2)
How I can put this condition in my code that if al>0.15 use equation 1 and otherwise eq 2. and a final d = 115*1.

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Carter Sorensen
Carter Sorensen on 3 Jul 2022
Edited: Carter Sorensen on 3 Jul 2022
Hi Nisar,
I may be misunderstanding your question, so please let me know if my response is not what you were looking for.
You could use a simple for-loop to cycle through the different values in 'al'. Within the for-loop, an if-else statement could check whether 'al' is > 0.15 and then compute the appropriate 'd'. Below is an example (note, I assumed a 'p' value):
p = 1; % Assumed 'p'
for i = 1:length(al) % Cycles through 'al' values
if al(i) > 0.15 % Checks first condition
d(i) = 38.18.*(1-3.39.*p+1.95.*al(i).^2); % Computes 'd' if first condition met
d(i) = 33.18.*(1-2.39.*p+1.05.*al(i).^2);
The result is stored in a 115x1 matrix called 'd'.

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