I have tried many different ways of plotting but it won't make a line graph can someone help me out?

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dpb on 26 Jun 2022
Or, while more advanced and probably not what the lesson is trying to teach, to plot points in a loop when generated one at a time, use animatedline and addpoints.

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Voss on 26 Jun 2022
Edited: Voss on 26 Jun 2022
n = 100;
for i = 1:n
x = rand();
% ...
% ...
% plot(n,x);
plot(i,x,'.'); % use a data marker to see the point,
hold on % and hold on for the next point
n = 100;
for i = 1:n
% x = rand();
x(i) = rand(); % collect all x values in a vector
% ...
% ...
% plot(n,x);
plot(1:n,x); % and plot all the points after the loop

DGM on 26 Jun 2022
Edited: DGM on 26 Jun 2022
You are creating a plot object that contains only one point, but have no specified marker style to indicate those points. There is a line style implicitly specified, but there is no line plotted because there are no lines.
There is only one plot object because each new point replaces the last one. Use hold on to include more than one graphics object in an axes -- or better, don't do the plotting in the loop.
It's a common question.


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