How can I find the difference quotient and how to write the code for it?

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Below is one sample vector which I want to represent in matlab, how can I do it?
Also, how to find the difference quotients as well?
everything is given below in the attached image.
ekagra gupta
ekagra gupta on 16 Jun 2022
I apologise for using the wrong word "quotient", I want to code this formula and I am confused how to do it.
Torsten on 16 Jun 2022
Edited: Torsten on 16 Jun 2022
x = [3 5 67 -1];
deltax = diff(x)
deltax = 1×3
2 62 -68
dx = [5-3 67-5 -1-67]
dx = 1×3
2 62 -68
Can you take it from here ?

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