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How to code difference quotients in matlab?

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I have a vector U and I want to take its difference quotient at a time instance j i.e. I want to find dU as shown below. How can it be done?
Thank you guys in advance!

Accepted Answer

Jonas on 13 Jun 2022
elementwise differences of consecutive elements can be calculated using diff() command
ekagra gupta
ekagra gupta on 13 Jun 2022
I tried but actually I need ratio of variance of these difference quotients. that is returning NaN values at some points.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 14 Jun 2022
U = randi(9, 1, 10)
U = 1×10
2 2 5 8 2 7 8 9 5 1
% Compute difference
du = diff(U)
du = 1×9
0 3 3 -6 5 1 1 -4 -4
% Compute variance
varU = var(du)
varU = 14.1111
Not sure what you mean by ratio. A ratio is a fraction of something divided by something. What are you ratioing? The ratio of a single number -- the variance -- doesn't make sense.

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