Step function with variable number of steps

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Hello friends,
I have a simple question but would like to find an efficient way to implement it for my very heavy codes. Assume that we wish define a picewise function f over a grid called mesh. All the pieces are constant. So, f(x) = c1 over [mesh(1) mesh(2)), f(x) = c2 over [mesh(2) mesh(3)), ..., f(x) = c_n over [mesh(n) mesh(n+1)]. The problem is that I do not know the number of pieces beforehand. So, please do not give me an answer based on 2 pieces or 3, etc. I know how to handle such problems.
Furthermore, we can easily solve the pproblem I pposed using a for-loop. I am not interested in this solution as this is very time-conssuming.
Thanks in advance,

Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 1 Jun 2022
f=@(x) interp1(mesh,c,x,'previous');

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