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how to merge centroids?

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Keane Athallah
Keane Athallah on 25 May 2022
Commented: Keane Athallah on 26 May 2022
how can i merge centroid on top right corner?
if the centroids of any pair are closer than a certain amount
Keane Athallah
Keane Athallah on 26 May 2022
stats = regionprops(bw2);
s = regionprops(bw2, 'centroid');
C = cat(1, s.Centroid);
hold on
plot(C(:,1), C(:,2), 'b*')
hold off
D = pdist2(C(:,1),C(:,2),'euclidean','Smallest',2)
figure; imshow(P); hold on;
for i = 1 : length(stats)
hold on; rectangle('position', stats(i).BoundingBox, 'EdgeColor', 'g', 'LineWidth', 2)
title(sprintf('Jumlah Tumbuhan %d', length(stats)));
Keane Athallah
Keane Athallah on 26 May 2022
that is my code for finding the centroid, i dont know how to combine the 2 centroid if they were close enough.

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Answers (1)

KSSV on 26 May 2022
You have the coordinates of centroid, you can use knnsearch to get the nearest neighbors.

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