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How to change white on the outside to black?

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DGM on 19 May 2022
Some of the objects are connected to the surrounding white blob. You'll need to deal with that. You might be able to do something like:
A = imread('');
A = rgb2gray(A)>127; % binarize
B = imopen(A,ones(3)); % try to break connectivity
B = imclearborder(B); % clear border
B = A & ~B; % difference of original and smoothed copy sans border
B = bwareafilt(B,1); % select only the border object, delete speckles
B = A & ~B; % remove border object from original image
Keane Athallah
Keane Athallah on 19 May 2022
i already deal with that error, Thank you so much
DGM on 19 May 2022
As you've probably already figured out, your working image is probably still a single-channel logical image, whereas the attached PNG file is a uint8-scale RGB image. In that case, the conversion and thresholding isn't necessary unless dealing with a copy like the one attached.

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