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changing font of inputdlg

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sermet on 25 Jan 2015
Edited: dpb on 26 Jan 2015
a={'latitude', 'longtitude',};
%I need to increase the font of start (0,0,0) in inputdlg box.
Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 25 Jan 2015
You may need to design a custom GUI for that. Or see Kesh Ikuma's File Exchange submission at inputsdlg.
dpb on 25 Jan 2015
Edited: dpb on 26 Jan 2015
No can do with the builtin inputdlg; only the prompt string can use LaTeX intepreter and be prettified but no way to change the input fonts.
The inputdlg is a higher-level widget; you can "roll your own" with a uicontrol Edit Text box. With uicontrols there is the facility to set a font name/style, but then you've got to do the wrapper work yourself.
ADDENDUM Seems like a perfectly valid extension/enhancement request, however.

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