Extract features from 3D images

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Mohamed Moawed
Mohamed Moawed on 24 Jan 2015
Dear all,
I need to extract features from 3D images. I read about GLCM but it only extract features from 2D images. Is there any function that can do the same work of GLCM but for 3D images?
Thanks for you
Roohollah Milimonfared
Roohollah Milimonfared on 9 Sep 2019
I am facing a similar challenge, extracting features from 3D gray-scale volumetric data. GLCM, Wavelet Energy, and local feature extraction work only on 2D data.
I am working on classification of 3D gray-scale fruits. Would appreciate if other tools (e.g. libraries) can be suggested if MATLAB is not the right tool, no offence to MathWorks :)

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