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if else statement with strings

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I want to take the user input and check if it is:
if the user input 'high pass' -> calcute this equation:GpRC = tf(R*C,1 + R*C);
if the user input 'low pass' --> calcute this equation:GpRC = tf(1,1 + R*C);
and then plot the true statement
this is the code:
%Make the user choose the filter
msgout = 'Choose from (high pass / low pass) \n';
%Calculate the gain
filter_option = input(msgout);
if strcmp(filter_option,'high pass')
GpRC = tf(R*C,1 + R*C);
elseif strcmp(filter_option,'low pass')
GpRC = tf(1,1 + R*C);
Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 7 May 2022
What exactly is the problem you are facing?
Badr Al-Sabri
Badr Al-Sabri on 7 May 2022
--> msgout = 'Choose from (high pass / low pass) \n';
When I write "high pass"
I am getting an error

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Accepted Answer

Riccardo Scorretti
Riccardo Scorretti on 7 May 2022
That's being said, your problem is (most probably) that you wish to ask the user to enter a string:
filter_option = input(msgout);
In this case, you must add the second argument 's' to input, otherwise input will look for a numerical value or a numerical expression:
filter_option = input(msgout, 's'); % *** add 's' as second argument ***

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