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Vertical scroll does not work, can't properly resize APP (Matlab app designer)

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I created months ago a two-panel app, but till now I used only the left panel. Vertical scrolls appeared on small screens.
Recently I modified the right panel, adding new function. From that moment, the app does not resize properly.
Below, how I see it on App design:
Below, how it opens on small screens. I can see only the HALF-bottom part of the app and a huge empty grey space below it:
"Scrollable" option is on for both left and right panels. You can see a vertical scroll appearing between the panels, but it starts in the middle of the app and moreover it is not interactive.
In my previous working app, I hide the right panel and I only worked on the left, and the vertical scroll bar appeared and worked just fine, see below:

Answers (1)

Mahdi Hayati
Mahdi Hayati on 14 Sep 2022
give a little space from right and down of your app. your main figure should be bigger in size than your panels, so the scroll option will work.


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