How Normalize each column to itself mean value

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I have one table with in y the regions, while in x several years (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 etc). Each year has one value for each region. I would like to nomalize the data of each column. Here, there is file excel. it is possible to normalize using the mean of the year? I tried this, but I am not sure.
t_norm a= normalize((t{2:end, 2:end}),'norm')
This is my table

Accepted Answer

Enrico Gambini
Enrico Gambini on 13 Apr 2022
Hi, you can try this:
n_years=10; %In your file you've got 10 years, you can obvioysly change it if needed
Tnorm=T; %Initialize the table with normalized values
for i=2:(n_years+1) %starts from the second row, because in the first a character is present
% Then, if you want to export the new table

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