Printing rows from excel sheet based on two column values

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Good day,
I have an excel sheet with 7296 rows and 9 columns. So, I want my code to display all the rows based on 3 columns. For example I want all all the rows under FaceDescr:appFace:// ,Type: InInterests and FaceID:258. So, the further data goes in this way, I have second Node- leaf-2 with same FaceID, FaceDescr, Type and certain value for Packets. I tried creating 3 indexes and when I print them I get an error. I'm new to Matlab any help would be greatly appreciated.
Time Node FaceID FaceDescr Type Packets

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 12 Apr 2022
T = readtable(myfile) ;
idx = matches(T.FaceDescr,'appFace://') & matches(T.Type,'InInterests') & (T.FaceID == 258) ;

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