How can I connect two prismatic joints and one body?

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The cart body has three coordinate systems and I want to apply forces to the left and right coordinate systems, respectively.
I want to connect two prismatic joints to the cart body, but I checked that there was an error.
Is there a solution?
Thank you.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 6 Apr 2022
Thanks for your question.
The frames attached to the B and F ports of the Prismatic Joint block
  • Must have aligned z-axes
  • Must be located along that shared z axis
In your screenshot, the B ports are connected to the same frame, but the F ports are connected to two separate frames. I bet the R and x frames on Cart are located in two different places, and they may have different orientations.
Here are options to fix your model
  1. You could use a Rigid Transform to ensure the frames for both Prismatic Joints are positioned and oriented correctly.
  2. You could replace Prismatic Joint1 with a 6-DOF Joint and apply the force along its z axis. You only need one Prismatic Joint to constraint Cart to move along a certain axis, the other joint would just be for applying the force.
  3. If all you want to do is apply a force, you remove Prismatic Joint1 and just use an External Force and Torque block.

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