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Fix bounding box in a image and save it

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Josep Llobet
Josep Llobet on 16 Mar 2022
Answered: Saffan on 28 Jun 2023
Hi there,
I am trying to fix a Bounding Box permanently in a image because to save it.
I used as usual hold on for graphic the bounding box, but I want to fix it in a image for then save it.
As example:
% Obtain image
krillin = imread("");
% Process it
krillin_grey = im2gray(krillin);
krillin_grey_imadj = imadjust(krillin_grey);
krillin_BW = imbinarize(krillin_grey_imadj);
krillin_BW_2 = imclearborder(~krillin_BW);
% Boca
krillin_BW_2_largest_fin = bwpropfilt(krillin_BW_2, "Area", 1, "largest");
% Obtain the Bounding box
BB_krillboca=regionprops(krillin_BW_2_largest_fin,'BoundingBox'); %<--- rellevant
% Show in the image
hold on
rectangle('Position', BB_krillboca.BoundingBox+[-1 -1 +1 +1], 'EdgeColor','b', 'LineWidth', 1)
hold off
And I want to save just the bounding box in a zeros image:
zeros_krillin = zeros(size(krillin_BW_2_largest_fin));
hold on
rectangle('Position', BB_krillboca.BoundingBox+[-1 -1 +1 +1], 'EdgeColor','b', 'LineWidth', 1)
hold off
I tried exportgraphics but the size is not the same when it is saved.
Thank you so much

Answers (1)

Saffan on 28 Jun 2023
I understand that you want to save an image along with the bounding box without changing its size. This can be accomplished in the following way:
  • Get the figure using “getframe” function.
  • Convert it to an image using “frame2im” function.
  • Save it using “imwrite” function in the desired format.
Below is an example code snippet that demonstrates how to achieve this:
% Capture the figure with the drawn rectangle
f = getframe(gca);
% Convert it to an image
bounding_box_image = frame2im(f);
% Save the image with the bounding box
imwrite(bounding_box_image, 'bounding_box_image.png');
Refer to these links for more information:


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