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Simulink not working on Apple silicon

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I am working on a 2021 Macbook pro with M1 pro chip.
Whenever I run a simple model in Simulink (plotting a sinewave) my Matlab crashes. Is there a fix for this problem?
As far as I can find out, Simulink should be supported for apple silicon.
Thank you in advance.
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Jorge Ignacio Cisneros Saldana
I have the M1 Max but always crashes running Simulink on Matlab 2022a. I started using webversion and this works, not the best, but better than nothing.

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Answers (4)

Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 14 Mar 2022
Hi Aske,
We are unable to reproduce this, but our development team is aware of this issue and working to identify the cause and a potential solution
Currently there is no known workaround exits for this issue other than switching to a machine that doesn't have the M1 chip.

Valerio Giovanni Nobile
Valerio Giovanni Nobile on 11 May 2022
Edited: Valerio Giovanni Nobile on 14 May 2022
Hi guys
I'm using a MacBook Pro (2020) with M1 chip and i have the same problem. i've tried the r2022a and the r2021b versions but none of them works.
today are there any solution which are different from using a different machine?

Paulina Gutiérrez León
Paulina Gutiérrez León on 12 May 2022
Edited: Paulina Gutiérrez León on 12 May 2022
I have the exact same problem, I just bought 2 months ago a Macbook PRO chip M1 PRO because my last one was stolen (MACBOOK PRO with INTEL) and all my programs where in macintosh. Now none of my SIMULINK programs run, every time I open a simulink program and ERROR occurs and suddenly it closes, I'm very worried about this. I use a version MATLAB 2014b.
using a MACOS MONTEREY 12.1
version of matlab: MATLAB 2014a

Suppalerk on 30 Aug 2022
hi i used mac m1 too, but i use utm to install window then download and run matlab in that window and it work for me
hope this help u guy


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