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How to repeat element of array to complete Specific shape In matlab

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Hello Everyone i hope you are doing well. I have the following dataset
One has 30 samples ( Shape 30x1) and other has 115 samples(Shape 115x1) . My network is trained on shape (1000x1). I want to repeat elements of the array from start to complete 1000 samples.
The samples varries (10-1000) like shape is 10x1 or 388x1
for example the data is look like that, so it will repeat from start to complete 1000 samples
How can i do it in MATLAB

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 10 Mar 2022
The desired result is not obvious. Simply repeating with repmat will not work because both data set lengths are not integral divisors of 1000 so the last copy will be incomplete in that instance.
One option is to interpolate —
LD = load('dataset1.mat');
dataset1 = LD.dataset1;
xq = linspace(1, numel(dataset1), 1000);
method = 'nearest';
stretch1 = interp1((1:numel(dataset1))',dataset1, xq', method);
See if that does what you want. If so, do it with ‘dataset2’ as well.
See the documentation for interp1 to consider other method options if 'nearest' does not give the desired result.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 10 Mar 2022
Edited: Star Strider on 11 Mar 2022
That is straightforward —
LD = load('dataset1.mat');
dataset1 = LD.dataset1;
DesiredLength = 1000;
repeats = ceil(DesiredLength/numel(dataset1)) % Use 'floor' Or 'ceil'
stretch1 = repmat(dataset1, repeats, 1);
stretch1 = stretch1(1:DesiredLength); % Snip At 'DesiredLength' To Remove Extra Elements
There are also other ways, although that is the easiest.
EDIT — (11 Mar 2022 at 6:14)
There is one other way I can think of to do this, however it involves some compromises since it ‘squeezes’ the 1020-element vector into 1000 elements, or ‘stretches’ the 990-element vector to 1000 elements (both will work with this code, although I am only showing one here):
x1 = 1:numel(stretch1); % Match 'stretch1' Length
xq = linspace(1, numel(stretch1), DesiredLength); % 'DesiredLength' Interpolation Vector
squeeze1 = interp1(x1, stretch1, xq); % Interpolate (Decimal Fractions)
squeeze1i = round(squeeze1); % Integers Only
plot(x1, stretch1)
xlim([1 numel(stretch1)])
title(sprintf('Original Vector, Length = %d',numel(stretch1)))
plot(xq, squeeze1)
xlim([1 numel(stretch1)])
title(sprintf('Squeezed Vector, Length = %d',numel(squeeze1)))
plot(xq, squeeze1i)
xlim([1 numel(stretch1)])
title(sprintf('Squeezed Integer Vector, Length = %d',numel(squeeze1i)))

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