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Matlab GUI Error in Excel file and constant saving

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can someone help me in:
  1. If I have constants how I write them in Matlab GUI? for Example a=190.
  2. how to read Excel file in Matlab GUI code?

Answers (1)

Lokesh on 11 Dec 2023
Hi Huda,
As per my understanding, you want to read an Excel file in MATLAB GUI code.
To achieve this, you can follow these steps:
  • Use the "uigetfile" function to allow the user to select the Excel file.
  • Use the "readtable" function to read the data from the Excel file.
Please refer to the below sample code snippet that demonstrates how to read data from an Excel file:
% Allow the user to select the Excel file
[filename, filepath] = uigetfile('*.xlsx', 'Select the Excel file');
% Check if the user canceled the selection
if isequal(filename, 0) || isequal(filepath, 0)
disp('File selection canceled');
% Read the data from the Excel file
data = readtable(fullfile(filepath, filename));
% Now "data" contains the content of the Excel file
Please refer to the following MathWorks documentation to know more about:
I hope this resolves your query.
Best Regards,





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