Function block works in 2017b but not in 2019b

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I have created a Simulink model that allow the user to simulate some Constant (True = not OK / False = OK), and spread the information to upper block.
To do that i have a function block (Function Matlab) that change the color of the upper block (Function A block) according to the information he receive :
function y = fcn(u)
parent = get_param(gcs,'parent');
y = u;
if u == 3
elseif u == 2
elseif u == 1
So if he receive 3 the Block "Function A" goes red, 2 => Orange, 1=> Gray and if all is good => Green.
In my 2017b Matlab all is working well, but when i test my model in 2019b Matlab the uppers Block colors don't change as if the Function Block don't work in 2019b.
Do you know what changed between versions ?
Thanks for helping in advance.
PS : I attached the example model : Simulate.slx

Accepted Answer

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 21 Mar 2022
Put a breakpoint in the code above and debug, the problem is clear.
The "parent" of your "gcs" is the root level model, which can't be assigned a background color.
Avoid using "gcs". Specify full path.
Lucas S
Lucas S on 21 Mar 2022
Ok thanks you for your response ! I will try to solve this when i will have my 2019b version.

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