How to install Simscape add-on products to run in Restricted Mode?

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I do not have a licence for the Simscape Driveline toolbox. I am trying to install it to run in Restricted Mode so that I can run a model created by a project partner. The following website link appears to give instructions on how to install (unlicenced) Simscape add-on products just for this purpose:
However, after downloading and running the installer as in Step 1 of the list of steps there, I do not get the window shown in Step 2. Instead, I get a window that offers me to use either my existing licence or an Activation Key.
If I tick my own licence, the next steps then only lists my licenced products for installation (which I already have), but not the Simscape Driveline I want to install.
If instead I enter the File Installation Key (for R2021b) of the above link in the Activation Key field, I get an error "Invalid Activation Key (510). For help resolving this issue, see this MATLAB Answer." That answer includes the likely cause that "A File Installation Key was entered instead of an Activation Key".
So, are the instructions in the above-mentioned link wrong (for R2021b) or am I doing something wrong - if so, what?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 28 Mar 2022
Hi Gerrit,
You need to go to "Advanced Options" to get to the window that permits you to enter the File Installation Key (see below).
Also note that you will need to download the installation files in addition to the installer. See this MATLAB Answers post for instructions:


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