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How to be able to search for custom help from the help menu (without having to click on "Supplemental software")

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I have my own matlab functions, and I would like to be able, when I open matlab's help, to look for the name of any of these functions, and have an help that I generated that is displayed.
I tried to do an info.xml file, which follows the model provided in matlab's help, and I located this file somewhere where it is added to the path at matlab startup (I have a startup.m file at the right location). I have also an html folder that contains help for the functions, generated with the "publish" function. And finally in my startup.m file I also do: builddocsearchdb(path_to_html_folder)
When I start matlab, I get this warning:
Warning: There is no installed product with this help location. Documentation that is not associated with a product will not be displayed in the help browser. > In builddocsearchdb at 33 In startup at 14 In matlabrc at 189 Successfully created search database.
And, if I open matlab's help and then click on "Supplemental material", then I can search for my functions, and see the html help. Great.
But, if I don't click on "Supplemental material", but directly search for my function name when openning matlab's help, it cannot find it. What else should I do to be able to do that?

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