Why I can't download Yahoo data with Datafeed toolbox fetch function?

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I'm trying to download data using fetch function, but with some tickers I can't get the data.
For example:
When I try to download from TLEVISACPO.MX I get NaN's but the yahoo ticker is correct.
var =
Last: 0
Date: NaN
Time: 0.7722
Change: NaN
Open: NaN
High: NaN
Low: NaN
Volume: NaN
This is one of the Tickers which I can download the data
>> var=fetch(yahoo,'GAPB.MX')
var =
Symbol: {'GAPB.MX'}
Last: 93.9000
Date: 735936
Time: 0.6729
Change: 1.2600
Open: 92.9200
High: 94.1100
Low: 90.6000
Volume: 1020912
Anyone know whats the problem?
With the next tickers I only get NaN's:
I think the problem is the length of the ticker or the hyphen. If it is the problem, how can I solve it?

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Kawee Numpacharoen
Kawee Numpacharoen on 2 Nov 2016
I can't seems to replicate the problem you have. It works well for me.
>> c = yahoo;
>> var=fetch(c,'GAPB.MX')
var =
struct with fields:
Symbol: {'GAPB.MX'}
Last: 178.70
Date: 736635.00
Time: 0.58
Change: -3.99
Open: 184.00
High: 184.63
Low: 177.40
Volume: 1453053.00
>> var=fetch(c,'TLEVISACPO.MX')
var =
struct with fields:
Last: 93.49
Date: 736635.00
Time: 0.58
Change: 0.49
Open: 93.24
High: 94.14
Low: 92.77
Volume: 3834566.00


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