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Brush error within multiple function gui

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curoi on 14 Nov 2014
Edited: curoi on 14 Nov 2014
I'm getting the following error when trying to run the function brush 'on' in a function being called by another function being called by a guide gui:
Error using set
Handle must be a uicontextmenu
Error in datamanager.brushobj/addContextMenu (line 40)
Error in datamanager.lineseries/draw (line 39)
Error in datamanager.series/init (line 36)
Error in datamanager.lineseries (line 4)
Error in datamanager/enableBrushing (line 37)
hout = datamanager.lineseries(h);
Error in brush>locGetMode (line 212)
Error in brush (line 114)
locGetMode(f); % Creates the mode
Error in f_edit_timecoord (line 38)
brush on;
Error in f_determine_coords2 (line 65)
[j_R,k_R,x_a,y_a] = f_edit_timecoord(aa,AA,tog,savepath,listname);
Error in marigram2>ProcessGroup_SelectionChangeFcn (line 532)
[j_R, k_R, x_a, y_a, filedata, presavepath, guios] = ...
Error in gui_mainfcn (line 96)
Error in marigram2 (line 44)
gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});
Error in
Error in hgfeval (line 63)
Error in uitools.uibuttongroup/childAddedCbk>manageButtons (line 79)
hgfeval(cbk, source, evdata);
Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback
The error comes after the following code in the function:
load( [savepath, '\', listname, '_HiLoMisc_pts.mat'] );
imshow( AA );
hold on;
h2 = plot( aa, jlo, klo, 'ro', 'MarkerSize', 16, 'LineWidth', 2 );
h3 = plot( aa, jhi, khi, 'go', 'MarkerSize', 16, 'LineWidth', 2 );
h4 = plot( aa, jmisc, kmisc, 'co', 'MarkerSize', 16, 'LineWidth', 2 );
hold off;
brush on;
hBrushLine = findall( aa, 'tag', 'Brushing' );
This was working earlier when I was running the gui.m file but now it just looks like it isn't working with the current figure. I've tried to do the following alternatives:
hFig = gcf;
hbrush = brush( hFig );
set( hbrush, 'Enable', 'on' );
hFig = gcf;
hbrush = brush( hFig, 'on' );
But neither of these work.

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