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In R2021b, is it still possible to instruct MATLAB to run individual sections consecutively?

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Before I updated, I could (for example) instruct MATLAB to consecutively run the 2nd, 4th, and 7th section of a MATLAB script by first going to section 2, running it (Cmd + return), then going to section 4, running it, and then going to section 7 and running it.
However, if I try to do that in R2021b, once I click Cmd+return in the 4th section while the 2nd is still running (large datasets, so every step takes a few minutes), section 2 stops running ("Operation terminated by user") and section 4 starts running immediately.
Is there a way that I can change this new setting, such that section 4 will start running after section 2 has finished?

Accepted Answer

Abhishek Kolla
Abhishek Kolla on 6 Jan 2022
You can use 'Run and Advance' (Ctrl+Shift+Enter) instead of 'Run Section', upon which none of the sections get terminated.
For more information you can refer to this link.
Hope this helps.

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