DDPG agent for swinging pole environment on Matlab

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Hi everyone!
I'm using the set swinging pole environment on Matlab and set up my agent according to this article https://nl.mathworks.com/help/reinforcement-learning/ug/train-ddpg-agent-to-swing-up-and-balance-pendulum.html
I'm trying to plot the time traces showing angle, velocity, and torque curves for time-steps of the simulated environment. I'm not sure exactly how to retreive them.
Has anyone worked with this environment who can help me?
Thank you in advance!
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Florian Rosner
Florian Rosner on 19 Jan 2022
Hi, I worked with that environment.
For plotting time traces you have to modify the simulink model, but it's not possible because its an example. I recreated the simulink environment by myself and added some scopes. Maybe you could copy it and rename it and just ad scopes.

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