WSL2/Docker container/ROS from Matlab in Win10

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I want to use Matlab in Win10 to communicate with ROS nodes in a docker container under WSL2.
In docker under WSL2, the IP adress is completely different from IP adress in Win10.
How to find a way to do this with Matlab (Vscode is able to connect directly to docker container under WSL2 so I think there is a way to do it from Matlab).

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Josh Chen
Josh Chen on 13 Dec 2021
Hello @Goupil56,
The key for enabling the communication between WSL2 ROS and MATLAB/Simulink is to make sure the environment variable "ROS_IP" being set correctly on both MATLAB and WSL2 sides.
In this post, I've tested and posted a workflow for enabling such communication. However, since you are unsing a docker instead of only WSL2, the setup process might be a bit different.
Hope this helps,


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