Assigning elements or an array within a Bus

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Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson on 18 Nov 2021
Edited: Paul Johnson on 18 Nov 2021
I have a Bus that is a structure of Buses where some of them are simple types with large dimensions.
"BusType1" = A bus structure with elements A,B and C of type Boolean,Boolean and Int32 respectively.
"Bus.Bus_Child_1" is of type "BusType1" with 30 Dimensions
Within my model I would like to assign some of the elelements of in Bus_Child_1.
I have currently been performing this using a matlab function within the model. Similar to this:
function Bus = fcn(DefaultBusValues,AInput,BInput,CInput)
Bus = DefaultBusValues;
for idx = 1:length(AInput)
Bus.Bus_Child_1(idx).A = Boolean(AInput(idx));
Bus.Bus_Child_1(idx).B = Boolean(AInput(idx));
Bus.Bus_Child_1(idx).C = Int32(AInput(idx));
Using this Implementation I'm finding that the performance of my model suffers.
Is there a different implementation method that would perform better?

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