How to get and residual energy for cluster head and cluster member ?

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Arul prasath
Arul prasath on 14 Oct 2014
Commented: Arul prasath on 30 Oct 2014 sir from your code i can get an cluster head and cluster head members. But i want to get their residual energy also ('energy'(S.E in my code)).For every node i want.(i need both cluster head and cluster member energy).

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 14 Oct 2014
Arul - why not just add a third column to the clusterHeads and clusterNodes matrices. From the link you provided, just modify the code to something like the following
clusterData = cell(size(X,2),1);
for k=1:size(clusterData)
clusterData{k}.clusterHead = [X(k) Y(k) E(k)];
clusterData{k}.clusterNodes = [];
for k=1:size(S,2)
x = S(k).xd;
y = S(k).yd;
energy = S(k).ENERGY;
minDist = Inf;
at = 0;
for u=1:size(X,2)
dist = sqrt((x-X(u))^2+(y-Y(u))^2);
if dist<minDist
minDist = dist;
at = u;
if at>0
clusterData{at}.clusterNodes = ...
[clusterData{at}.clusterNodes ; [x y energy] ];
Note that the above is untested, and assumes that you have created an E energy array in the manner that you created the X and Y arrays i.e.
E(cluster)=S(i).ENERGY; % <-- add this line
Arul prasath
Arul prasath on 30 Oct 2014
k sir thank you , but according to author which ever has the higher residual energy that's going to be the cluster head and even in basic LEACH algorithm also saying the same thing. so please sir try this one please.
Don't ignore this code please tell the mistake in my code please...

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