Simulink To workspace issues R2017a

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David on 12 Nov 2021
Commented: David on 15 Nov 2021
In my simulink model (svpwm_inverter_rlc_A)
I have a 6 input mux block whose output connects to a "To workspace" block i named "currvolt".
When i run my code, (The relevant segment is shown below):
% Although 5 periods used, plot for 6 periods to show input turnoff transients
mysimstop = num2str(6/(1e3*f2usekhz));
% Run the simulink mode
sim('svpwm_inverter_rlc_A','StopTime', mysimstop)
t = currvolt.time;
currA = currvolt.signals.values(:,1); % 1st variable is 1st column of values
voltA = currvolt.signals.values(:,2); % 2nd variable is 2nd column of values
currB = currvolt.signals.values(:,3);
voltB = currvolt.signals.values(:,4);
currC = currvolt.signals.values(:,5);
voltC = currvolt.signals.values(:,6);
I do not get the "currvolt" structure in the Matlab workspace.
However when i replace "sim('svpwm_inverter_rlc_A','StopTime', mysimstop)" with
" sim('svpwm_inverter_rlc_A')" ,
i get the "currvolt" output in the Matlab workspace
Are there other options i need to include in my Matlab configuration?

Accepted Answer

Paul on 12 Nov 2021
Edited: Paul on 12 Nov 2021
Don't know why those two sim commands would yield different results. In the first instance, I suspect that currvolt is inside ans, which is the output of the sim command, assuming you checked the box in
Simulation -> Model Configuraton Paramters -> Data Import/Export -> Single Simulation Output
simdata = sim(...)
and see if currvolt shows up in simdata for both uses.
David on 15 Nov 2021
This worked. After checking the "Single Simulation Output" and inserting the name "currvolt".
Thanks a lot.

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