Failed to establish a TCP connection between two computers on MATLAB

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Fan Yang
Fan Yang on 1 Nov 2021
I am try to establish a TCP connection between two computers using tcpserver and tcpclient so that the client send a number 0 every second and the server reveives and shows the input.
Below is the code on the client's side:
tcp_c = tcpclient('',60000,'Timeout',30);% creat a client with port 60000
% tcp_c.OutputBufferSize = 1000;% set buffer size for output
fopen(tcp_c); %open the client
data = 0;
while true
% if fread(tcp_c,1,'double') == 1; % read the input data: each number takes 8 bytes
% t = timer('BusyMode','queue','ExecutionMode','fixedDelay','Period',1,'TimerFcn',"disp('q')");
% end
% data = fgetl(tcp_c)
% data = fscanf(tcp_c,'string',len)
%time = (toc-1)*1000;
% fclose(tcp_c);
Below is the code on the server's side:
tcp_s = tcpserver('',60000,'Timeout',30);% creat a server with port 60000
% tcp_s.InputBufferSize = 1000;% set buffer size for input
fopen(tcp_s); %open the server
while true
d = fread(tcp_s,1,'double')
% fclose(tcp_a);
Everytime I run, matlab return an error say"
"The requested address is not valid in its context"
and refered to the documentation below for troubleshooting:
I followed all the step in the document, but it still did not work.
When I change the ip on the server to '0,0,0,0' so it listens to all that talk to port 60000, it returned a different errer saying the first input of fopen must be a file identifier or a file name.
Ive ran out of idea on how to fix it or even when went wrong. Please Help!!!!!

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