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what is a(n) MATlab code that can help me calculate the volume of a cylinde then increase that result by 20% to get a result of 18m.

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james Kohler
james Kohler on 19 Oct 2021
Commented: james Kohler on 21 Oct 2021
The question im trying to ask is,volume of a circular cylinder of height h and radius r is given by the equation V = πr^2h. A cylindrical tank is 15 meters tall and has a radius of 8 meters. We want to construct another cylindrical tank with a 20% volume increase but has the same radius.
Im trying to figure out how to write a script for the following: that will output and display the new height of the cylinder. Use fprintf to display the new height (by referencing a variable) of the tank to 2 decimals. Your calculation should result in a height of 18m if correct

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