How do I change the color bar scale

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Bajdar Nouredine
Bajdar Nouredine on 14 Oct 2021
Answered: Voss on 14 Oct 2021
I want to change the scale from [0,1] to [36,45]
%% Example data
x = (1.9:-0.01:0);
data = sin(x);
d1= (44.86:-.0:38);
%% Shift the values towards the center, so you get a circle instead of an annulus.
rho = x-min(x);
%% Your meshgrid generation code.
theta = (0:360)*pi/180;
[th, r] = meshgrid(theta, rho);
[th1, r1] = meshgrid(theta, d1);
%% Plotting the values
surf(min(x)+r.*cos((th)), ...
min(x)+r.*sin(th), ...
repmat(data(:), 1, size(th,2)), ...
'linestyle', 'none');
axis equal tight;
% contourf(peaks)
colormap (flip(jet));

Answers (1)

Voss on 14 Oct 2021
To set the colorbar scale to [36 45], add the following line at the end of your code:
set(gca,'CLim',[36 45]);
This will turn the circle all red since data is all less than 36.


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