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Best method to be implimented

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Dimitrios on 17 Sep 2014
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Having a couple of equations inside a function. This function has an output.This output is again an input in the same equation until the tolerence between the tolerence between last output and previous output have a certain value like 10e-4. This could be implimented with a while loop. Something like this i guess (still I didnt impliment it in MATLAB) :
y = 1
x= = fun(y)
while (y-x)>10e-4
x = fun(y)
Is there any other way?
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Guillaume on 17 Sep 2014
The code you've shown will do what you've described and is probably the simplest.
The issue with your code and what you've described is that it may never converge (e.g. if fun(x) = -x), so rather what don't you say what you're trying to achieve.

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Matt J
Matt J on 17 Sep 2014
If fun(x) is continuous wrt x and the iterations you describe do converge to something, then the limit will satisfy
which you can solve with fzero
fzero(@(x) x-fun(x), x0)

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