Unable to read the .grd file using grdread2.m function

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SKP on 1 Oct 2021
Edited: SKP on 4 Oct 2021
I am trying to read the attached 'file1.GRD' file using the code below. The function 'grdread2.m' is downloaded from MATLAB file exchange, as recommended in one fo the previous posts.
filename = 'file1.GRD';
[x,y,z] = grdread2(filename);
However, it is giving me errors listed below. Could someone help me?
Error using netcdf.open (line 52)
Could not open file 'Mintemp_MinT_2019.grd'.
Error in grdread2 (line 61)
ncid = netcdf.open(file, 'NC_NOWRITE');
Error in ReadnplotGRD (line 2)
[x,y,z] = grdread2(filename);
SKP on 4 Oct 2021
Sorry, I failed to previously see that the forum gave file format error when I tried to upload .grd file directly. I have compressed and attached the file now.
I shall also contact the original author.
Thank you for responding to this question.

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