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"java.lang​.StackOver​flowError" occured when comparing slx models.

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When comparing Simulink models, "java.lang.StackOverflowError" occured as shown below:
Could you tell me what I should do to avoid this error ?
I guess that this error happens because size of the models I try to compare are too big to compare.
Size of these models is 1.5 [MB].
Actually, when I divide the models into some subsytems to decrease their size and comapre these models again,
This error donen't occur.
What I did to solve this problem:
・Increasing Java heap memory to maximum size: 4077 [MB] ,rebooting MATLAB and comparing models again
・Rebooting PC and comparing models again without launching any other applications
・OS: Windows 10 Pro
・Memory: 16 [GB]
・MATLAB: 9.5 R2018b
・MATLAB Report Generator: NOT installed
・Simulink: 9.2 R2018b
・Java: 1.8.0_301
It's OK to answer this question by English or Japanese.
Best regards,

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