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Filter syntax in file comparison tool

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Michel Bertrand
Michel Bertrand on 21 Sep 2021
With the Compare Files and Folders tool, one can apply a filter to ignore specific file name for comparison; for this, the filter must be enabled which is done by selecting it in the Filter drop down menu of the comparison tool.
The syntax I use to specify the filter uses the filename (relative to the directory specified for comparison), generally including wildcard asterisk. For example, a filter specified with *DS* will have all file with character pair DS, ignored for comparison.
Can I set more complex filtering rule? ( Any "escape" character?)
I am using 2020b. Documentation of "Compare Files and Folders and Merge Files" in 2021b does not suggest it behaves differently (I did not check the release note though)
p.s. Currently, I copy/paste the comparison results in an Excel sheet to refine filtering. Somewhat painful.

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