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Error: undefined reference to `softPwmStop': MPU6050 Interfacing with Raspberry Pi

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Farhan Ahamed
Farhan Ahamed on 18 Sep 2021
I'm trying to Interface MPU6050 with raspberry pi via simulink. I'm using the following library:
and when I build and deploy, I'm getting the following error:
Error executing command "touch -c /home/pi/MATLAB_ws/R2021a/C/Users/Farhan/Documents/MATLAB/Add-Ons/Simulink_Models/Raspberry_Pi_MPU6050_SFunction_with_I2C_Communication_using_WiringPiI2C/MPU6050_Gyro_Accel_ert_rtw/*.*;make -f all MATLAB_WORKSPACE="/home/pi/MATLAB_ws/R2021a" -C /home/pi/MATLAB_ws/R2021a/C/Users/Farhan/Documents/MATLAB/Add-Ons/Simulink_Models/Raspberry_Pi_MPU6050_SFunction_with_I2C_Communication_using_WiringPiI2C/MPU6050_Gyro_Accel_ert_rtw". Details:
STDERR: /usr/bin/ld: sf_MPU6050_wrapper.c.o: in function `pinMode':
sf_MPU6050_wrapper.c:(.text+0x2374): undefined reference to `softPwmStop'
/usr/bin/ld: sf_MPU6050_wrapper.c:(.text+0x237c): undefined reference to `softToneStop'
/usr/bin/ld: sf_MPU6050_wrapper.c:(.text+0x24d8): undefined reference to `softPwmCreate'
/usr/bin/ld: sf_MPU6050_wrapper.c:(.text+0x2548): undefined reference to `softToneCreate'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [ ../MPU6050_Gyro_Accel.elf] Error 1
I'm not sure how to solve this. I have used wiringPi library in raspberry pi. Kindly guide me. Thanks in advance...

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