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select one item between two List Box

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Hi there,
I'm designing an App with MATLAB App designer. I have two Box List, with different items in them. I want the user could select just in a Box List or in a other, but not have two element selected in the two Box List.
I'm looking something like that: (image modified manually, it is not the program)
Thank you!!

Accepted Answer

Dave B
Dave B on 13 Sep 2021
Edited: Dave B on 13 Sep 2021
How about just using the callback of one to deselect the other:
% Set up some example listboxes:
u = uifigure;
lsta = uilistbox(u,'Items',{'Cat' 'Dog'});
lstb = uilistbox(u,'Items',{'Monkey' 'Horse'});
lsta.Position(2) = sum(lstb.Position([2 4]));
% initial state
lstb.Value = {};
% Changing value of lsta deselects lstb (and vice versa)
lsta.ValueChangedFcn = @(~,~)set(lstb,'Value',{});
lstb.ValueChangedFcn = @(~,~)set(lsta,'Value',{});
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Josep Llobet
Josep Llobet on 14 Sep 2021
That's it
I just desselect the value of one List Box or the other, when the other or one is selected.
% Desseleccionar modificacions guardades
app.ModificacinsguardadesListBox.Value = {};
Thank you @Dave B!

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