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random selection from 5 different vectors

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I have 5 vectors, from which I would like to extract 6 variables that should be i.i.d (Indipendent and Identically Distributed).
A = [1;2;3;2]; % 4x1
B =[4;5]; % 2x1
C = [7;8;9]; % 3x1
D = [0;1;2]; % 3x1
P = linspace(0,1,101); % 101x1
I want to extract (following the same uniform randomly distribution) 1 variable from A, from B, from C and from D, and 2 variables from P.
To use the same distribution and have a i.i.d set, I think that I need to use the same random function like 'rand' or 'randi' just one time on the overall vectors, but I do not know how to do it.
Someone can help??

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 11 Sep 2021
C = {[1;2;3;2],[4;5],[7;8;9],[0;1;2],linspace(0,1,101)};
V = {1,1,1,1,2};
F = @(v,n)v(randi(numel(v),1,n));
Z = cell2mat(cellfun(F,C,V,'uni',0))
Z = 1×6
2.0000 4.0000 9.0000 2.0000 0.2300 0.7700

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