How to select multiple rows from an array and apply some operation iteratively

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This is an array with 324 Rows and 3 Columns. I want to select patch of 3 rows as (Row1= P1, Row2= P2 and Row3= P3), then apply some operation and then select next three rows as (Row4= P4, Row5= P5 and Row6= P6) apply the same operation, and so on........... Finally I want to take the sum of all the individual operations applied.
I assume that I should use for loop to get this operation done, but I'm confused!!!!!
For more assistance with the question: Actually P1, P2 and P3 will be used as vertices coordinated of a triangle, and I want to calculate the area of all triangles.
The function I am using to find area is: Triangle Area and Angles

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Matt J
Matt J on 3 Sep 2021
Edited: Matt J on 3 Sep 2021
Well, the efficient way to do the area calculation specifically is,
To do general operations on blocks of 3 rows, you could use mat2tiles from,
out = cellfun(@triangle_areas, mat2tiles(T,[3,3]) )

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